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Open Digital capital market Infrastructure

Hydra is a commercial of the shelf (COTS) platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that allows both incumbent financial institutions and FinTech to develop, run, and manage investment and trading products and services without the complexity and cost of building critical infrastructure first.

Hydra does the heavy lifting, so, you don’t have to. The result is faster time-to-market, huge cost savings and a micro-focus on your actual revenue drivers like product development and customer acquisition.

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Introductory Brokerage

Introductory Brokerage (IB)

Are you a financial services provider (Fintech, commercial or digital bank) with a large customer base? Deploy Hydra so that you can offer multi-asset, multi-currency securities trading to your customers through one or more licensed broker/dealers and get paid for each trade.
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Market Info & Data Re-distribution

Hydra offers a lightweight, scalable data aggregation and vending platform with integrated online pay-per-use billing and multiple delivery methods (Web Widgets, CSV and API).

Hydra is able to access market data feeds (for re-distribution) using global standard protocols such as FIX, JSON/REST and Websockets. Hydra data vending platform is perfect for securities exchanges that need to deliver market data directly to a retail consumer base (App developers, FinTech etc.).
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Hydra Robo-Advisor


Hydra’s Artificial Intelligence gives you the ability to quickly deploy a risk questionnaire to match investors’ risk profiles to your own tested and trusted investment strategies. Hydra ships with an out-of-the-box robo-advisor that you can build on.

Put your robo-advisor directly in the hands of your investors via Hydra’s web terminal or use Hydra API to seamlessly integrate your robo-advisor into financial systems such as OMS/EMS, portfolio & wealth management applications.
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Market Analytics

Hydra Analytics delivers a modern workspace designed to reduce research and analysis busy-work. Hydra Analytics offers pre-built & pre-tested guru analytic models (Greenblatt’s Magic Formula, Piotroski’s F-Score, O’Shaughnessy Value Composite, Altman’s Z-Score and more) plus the tools you need to create, test and deploy your own.

Hydra Analytic models can be delivered directly to customers through the Hydra web terminal or seamlessly integrated via API into other financial systems such as OMS/EMS & wealth management systems.
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Incubation Sandbox

Innovation & Incubation Sandbox

Are you a capital market innovation hub, Fintech incubator, accelerator or regulator? Hydra makes the perfect choice for quickly creating and managing a sandbox that allows you to evaluate product ideas for functionality, commercial viability or regulatory compliance.

Hydra leverages all of its capabilities and suite of applications to deliver a fully functional Sandbox out-of-the-box. Plus with Hydra’s flexible online billing and payments system, it’s quite possible to use the same infrastructure to run both a Sandbox and a Production platform to support your start-ups.
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Multi-Exchange & Multi-Brokerage Order-Routing System

Hydra’s order-routing engine offers infrastructure operators the flexibility to run either a closed network/linkage of broker/dealers across multiple securities exchanges or an open marketplace that connects investors and traders directly to any asset classes offered by participating brokers and exchanges.

In either scenario, Hydra API seamlessly integrates brokers OEMS to activate straight-through-processed (STP) order execution and management..
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Multi Exchange Sysytem


Hydra Architecture

Application Suite

Case Studies - The Investor Hangout

The Investor Hangout (The Hangout) project is the maiden FinTech deployment of Hydra.

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The Idea

The Hangout team set out to build an online capital investment hub. A natural habitat for a new generation of investors, traders and analysts. Their main goal was to create a fully digitized investment and trading experience online. Learn, plan, execute and monitor all from one single market place, all online.

The Problem

Online trading (OMS/EMS) was an important component of the Hangout project. However, even though the team had planned on adopting the introductory brokerage model, they also wanted the system to be broker agnostic. Investors and traders should be free to choose their brokers.

The Solution

They deployed Hydra and the result is a vibrant fully digitized investment marketplace with an online trading system powered by 5+ SECNG licensed brokers. Anyone who visits the Hangout, can learn about investing, follow the markets, start a new brokerage account, engage a robo-advisor, buy and sell securities plus monitor the resulting portfolio all from a web browser.



Annual software license lease and Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Own Binaries

Non-Redistributable software license forever ownership without source code

Own Source Code

Non-Redistributable software license plus source code forever ownership

After Sales Services & Support

— Installation & Setup
We offer production and test system deployment, setup and initialization.
— Training
We are committed to helping our customers successfully realize full utilization of the platform.
— Service Level Agreements (SLA)
We offer coverage for business continuity, disaster recovery, software updates and general systems maintenance.
— Custom Development
We are available for feature extension, customization and integration projects.
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